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AUG 27th 2007, Hyd

Megabrother Nagababu Chiruvanam details

Actor, Producer, Movie Arts Association president, and Brother of Megastar Chiranjeevi, Nagababu started an organization called Eco friends Organization, with the sole aim and objective to protect the trees and make this environment with green and clean.

Nagababu started Eco friends Organization an year back on august 24th 2006 and decided to plant trees across the state. In this initiative he identified a place in Hyderabad (Zeedimetla Industrial Development Area), which was badly polluted with industrial waste. He talked to forest department officials and other related state Govt bodies to get 11 acres of waste and non fertile land for 3 years lease. Last year 2006 Aug 24th, he planted 3000 trees in Zeedimetla Industrial area. Since then he is maintaining that 11 acres spending few lakhs from his own pocket, he is protecting those trees.

Nagababu is going to handover the "Chiru vanam" to the forest department at the end of three years lease. By that time, this 11 acres is expected to be with full of green and lots of trees.

On the occasion of one year completion of this initiative Nagababu with other officials and Rastra Chiranjeevi Yuvatha members, visited Chiru-Vanam and conducted an awareness program on the need of plantation of trees in the polluted area. Speaking on the occasion he mentioned that ' Hyderabad city is growing beyond it's potential and the industries are also coming up in the same pace. This is the time to protect the environment and every citizen of India has to plant at least 10 trees for the sake of the next generation and for current generation". He said, when the Zeedimetla industrial area was started 25 years back, this area is 10KM away from the city and there were no sign of residential plots in this area. The scenario is changed and now this area is having full of residential colonies. With the increased pollution, Children's and elderly people are getting marred due to the lungs related diseases. So he urged all the fans to take up the task of planting 10 trees each and contribute in reducing the environmental pollution. wishes Nagababu for planting the seed of saving the environment with Chiru-deepam program and for the benefit of mega fans, we are presenting the photo gallery of the awareness program. Click the below link for Photo Gallery

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