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Sept 22nd 2007, Hyderabad

Dear Cherry Fans,

Recently, I had the rare honor of meeting our Mega family in person. My meetings with beloved  Chirutha aka Cherry aka Ram Charan Teja is the most memorable of all the special events in my life so far. I wanted to share my experience and observations to you all.


I met Cherry on the sets while doing Chirutha movie. Generally we tend to think that Mega Star's son should be so pampered that he must have a Mega ego and a spoilt brat. Some may also think that Mega Star is striving to bring up his heir and everything will be handed over to him on platinum platters! To my surprise, and I am sure some of you may also be surprised to know this, Cherry is anything but a pampered young man.

Cherry is handsome, joyful and lively and full of drive to excel. I found him to be extremely sensitive, caring and lovable person. He is very hardworking and methodical and determined to work hard, practice and be worthy of his mettle. He received me like a family member with all the loving care, and sincerity which mad me feel guilty as like most of the people out there I also had my share of doubts about how he is going to treat me.

Standing next to him made me feel so small and humble knowing very well that I was not only with the Son of Mega Star, but someone who can easily become even more popular, one who can contribute more to the society in coming years. I felt just like his big brother, I think he made me feel like one with his humble and lovely behavior. I thank him for that and all the hospitality he showered on me though my visit lasted a short while. I wish it lasted longer but I can understand his other commitments.

Cherry has a bright future and Andhra / India will be proud of him and his family. When I say this, I am sure I am talking for millions of Cherry / Mega Fans out there. I thank him for such hospitality. Words fail to express my feelings and the happiness he gave me in that meeting. I wish him all the best.

By the way, I am one of the first few if not the first to meet Cherry as a fan of his. Cherry did not get many chances to engage with millions of his fans, yet. What an honor!

Srinivasa Rao Chandu
Software Engineer
Virginia, USA
Mail :




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