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5th October 2003


October 4, 2003 is a very special day for me as a movie lover. Since 1992, I have been a full time movie buff, but what I saw on October 4th at Virginia was pure love, pure hysteria, and pure adulation devoid of any inhibitions. I watched TAGORE twice on this day. I did not have breakfast or lunch on this day. Strangely, I did not feel hungry during the 14 hours I spent in and near the theatre; neither did my 11 friends who accompanied me. After I got back home at 12.00 AM, I was reminded of ANR's words in a sanmanam function at Ravindra Bharati back in 1997: "Kula mata varga rahitamga pandita pamuralani ananda parichi alarinche vaade nijamaina kalakaarudu." I cannot think of any actor other than Chiru, who can suit the above statement better.

Tagore went HOUSEFULL for all the three shows on this day and what I saw JANASAMUDRAM. The crowds came in at least 2 hours before the show.

Near the theatre for the one O' clock show

For the one 'O clock show, we reached the hall at 10.30. There was a 16 X 8 cutout of chiru, garlanded. Fans took photographs near the cutout. Slowly the crowds started to increase. In another 30 minutes, the crowds reached a suffocation point. The movie was shown in the biggest theatre of the Loehmann's plaza (600 capacity) and very soon the "CLOSED" board made its entry near the ticket counter. By 11.40, all the tickets were sold out and the exhibitors had a hard time persuading the ticket-less people to come back for the 5:00 show.

There were other movies playing in that theatre. Baghban and Kuch na Kaho. But who cares? A family that came to watch a Hindi movie had to make entrance through an "exit" door thanks to the extreme rush. The manager of the theatre seemed totally stunned looking at the turnout for a regional film. To make matters worse, parking was another big problem.

In the theatre - one O' clock show

The theatre was full to the brim; a totally fictitious phenomenon for regional Indian movie in a foreign land. 10 minutes before the scheduled start of the movie, crowds kept chanting "Chiranjeevi Zindabad...Future CM Zindabad." Not one viewer kept silent. Either there were the slogan raisers or the slogan followers or ardent admirers, who showed their appreciation clapping their heart out of PURE LOVE sans any inhibitions. Chiru's entrance was marked by deafening applause and chanting from his fans/devotees. I wish god gave me better writing skills to describe those moments.

Chiru's performance is one of the greatest performances by any leading men in recent times. His performance was very controlled yet very powerful in this message-oriented movie. Many learned people feel that for doing powerful roles shouting is imperative, however Chiru proved that one can perform these roles even better through impeccable dialog delivery, voice modulation and expressions. Detractors, who say that Chiru cannot act in powerful roles, should watch this movie. Chiru's highlights in this movie:

- Chiru giving Shriya the statistics of AP.
- Chiru's dialogs before the corrupt police officer.
- Chiru's performance at the hospital scene.
- Scene where he chides the doctors for taking bribes.
- Pelli choopula scene...bootulu mingese scene ("nee yamma")
- Performance when Jyotika dies (The scene was followed by a deafening applause in the     entire auditorium)
- Chiru's anguish when his ACF members are killed.
- "Tongue theguddi" scene
- Court scene.

Other highlights:

- Prakash Raj's investigation
- Mother asking her son not to reveal Tagore's name.
- Puneet Issar asking chiru to sit down and later asking him for his autograph.
- V.V.Vinayak's cameo.

Chiranjeevi proved why he is the GREATEST dancer in Telugu history. He is not better but INFINITELY SUPERIOR to every other hero who has ever danced in any telugu movie, past and present PERIOD. His dances give a kick to the viewers and are grace personified. Kodite Kottali, Chinnaga Chinnaga, Manmadha Manmadha and Diwali song bits got maximum response from viewers. The other songs too had good fast and graceful steps. Nenu saitam song got a very emotional response from the crowds.

Fights in this movie are a feast to the mass. Graphics too have been used well with the mood of the situation.

I don't know why people said there is no comedy in this movie. I enjoyed comedy in this movie better compared to that of Indra. Comedy scenes involving Narsing Yadav, Sunil's veena step, pelli choopula scene of chiru, performance of kids evoked a lot of laughter in the theatre.

Near the theatre for the 8 O' clock show

When the movie is so great, why not see it again? We could not get the tickets for the 5:00 show. We decided to wait for the 8:00 show at the theatre. On a personal note, I decided to help out a friend (among the exhibitors) and requested people to stay put and calm down. I was able to move in and out of the theatre without any problems and I got a new job as a coordinator!

The crowds had gathered at a massive level; absolutely jam-packed! Considering the crowds, the exhibitors allowed pregnant and elderly ladies, children to enter the theatre and wait. It took more than 30 minutes for the crowds to settle down for the last show - that too after much effort from the exhibitors and some volunteers including yours truly.

In the theatre - 8 O' clock show

Whether it's for the first time or the nth time, whenever we see our boss on the screen, hysteria and adulation comes waltzing from the heart. Some elderly couples sitting in the front row turned towards us and questioned "mammalni dialogs vinanistara???" That was a big family and all of them seemed to enjoy as much as we did. They clapped for chiru's emotional performance and dances. Chiru's performance when his wife dies was treated with maximum applause. Looking at the climax crowds, she commented "next CM veede" and then we took it from there!!!


  • I voluntarily helped out the exhibitors to control the crowds and during that process I had a chance to see an extra-ordinary event. During the 5:00 O' clock show, my friend called me for the "Manmadha Manmadha" song. People were sitting on the floor and one among was the theatre manager thoroughly enjoying the veena step. She clapped and gestured admiringly towards the screen. Though she was a north-Indian and self proclaimed fan of BIGB, it did not prevent her from admiring the wonder she saw on screen. For the rest of the movie, I became her translator and she was shocked when I told her that Chiru was 48 years old. She said he looks like a guy in late-thirties and appreciated his flexibility in dances and fights.

  • This movie was enjoyed by one and all. People who said "it's for fans" should check their words. Families enjoyed the movie very much, evident from the beaming faces after the show.

  • A notice expressing sorrow over the death of fellow fans at Rajahmundry and Mangalagiri grabbed everyone's attention.

  • I had all my doubts cleared as to who is the greatest hero of Telugu films as far as CRAZE and balanced/controlled performance is concerned.

  • I always wanted to see a chiru movie without any chanting or hysteria. I realized that whether its in Andhra or America, it is not possible to watch a chiru movie in total silence.

  • "Kula mata varga rahitamga pandita pamuralani ananda parichi alarinche vaade nijamaina kalakaarudu" that is none other than: C H I R A N J E E V I


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