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Tidbits on Tagore film

Considered Madhuri Dixit as heroine
Initially director Vinayak wanted to cast Madhuri Dixit as heroine who comes in the flashback of the film. But he had to withdraw that thought after coming to know that she was pregnant. Then Chiranjeevi suggested the name of Jyothika for that role and everybody okayed it.

Wanted to name this film as 'Suryam'
Suryam is the name that is etched in the minds of all people who watched the blockbuster 'Khaidi'. Then Chiranjeevi suggested that they could keep the name of 'Suryam' to the character of Prakash Raj (Prakash Raj is playing the role of loyal and breakthrough constable in this film). Then Paruchuri Venkateswara Rao came up with the title 'Tagore' and everybody accepted it. They also decided not to keep any caption for this film.

Tirupathi climax is the highlight
The main highlight apart from the action of Chiranjeevi in this film is going to be the climax scene that was picturised amidst thousands of crowds in SV University of Tirupathi.

Mani Sharma composed 62 tunes
Music director Mani Sharma composed 62 tunes for this film and recorded them in 5 audio cassettes. After listening to these tunes, they fixed up on the final six. Out of these six songs, one song was picturised in Ooty, another song in Polachi and three songs in sets. 'Nenu Saitham' song is a situational song that comes in montages. Lawrence composed choreography to 5 songs out of six songs in this film.

60 feet close up shot on Chiranjeevi
This film has given ample scope for Chiranjeevi to exhibit the entire gamut of emotions in this film. There are heart touching and sentimental scenes in this film. In one such scene, a 60 feet continuous close up shot is taken on Chiranjeevi.

Chiranjeevi colors Vinayak shirt with blood
A fight sequence was being picturised when Chiranjeevi came to know that he got the best actor award and Vinayak got the best debutant director award. At that time Chiranjeevi hugged Vinayak. All the blood strains on Chiranjeevi hand were printed on the shirt of Vinayak. Vinayak preserves that shirt as a sweet memory.

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