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Congratulations to Tagore team. I am little late to post my experience. I watched this movie along with my friends (Tamilians & Malayalees). We booked our tickets one week before. Concord Theater where the picture is screening is like a festive mood. We enjoyed this move right from the beginning. Chiru's powerful action is highlight to this movie.

Some people in their reviews they mentioned that there is no that much comedy in this movie, which is totally incorrect. There is GOOD comedy in this movie than a regular comedy picture. Before we watch Tagore we saw Ramana (Tamil Version). There was a debate between "me" and my friend Sambar (we used to call him like that because he is from Tamilnadu) about Tagore. He always criticizes Telugu movies and says that Telugu movie will have few dialogues than one fight after that one song at the end big climax. The only change they will do in each movie is heroine only. After this debate next day we watched Tagore on big screen. In Between I used to translate some dialogues for him. We enjoyed it very well. My friend (Sambar) agreed that Tagore is very good. Even though it is a remake commercially Tagore is better than Raman. He praised Chiru's performance and his unbelievable dance steps. He became Chiru's fan and we watched this movie again.

The Highlights of this movie are.

1. Chiru's Performance.
2. Songs & Dance.
3. Comedy track between Kids and Sunil.
4. Hospital drama.
5. Good graphics.
6. Prakashraj dialogues.
7. Mother telling his son not to relieve Tagore's name.
8. Punit Iasar asking Tagore's autograph.
9. Dailogue's in the court.
10. Fans waiting outside the court.
11. V.V Vinayak's direction.

On the whole this is the BEST MOVIE in Telugu industry. We hope we can see some similar Blockbuster from Telugu Industry.

Once again I Congratulate Chiru & his Tagore team for the Industry Hit.

With Best Wishes

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