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At last we created history by screening the first Telugu movie in New Mexico. Any entrepreneur did not screen this movie but it was the power of the students, which made it possible. We had to go many hardships to screen the movie, as our budget was limited. There is only a hand few of Telugu families over here. Finally we came over all the difficulties and made this screening a successful event. This once again proves beyond doubt that only MEGASTAR has that power to set the box office ringing.

Almost all the Telugu people around came here for the screening. Tamilians and Northies were also present at the show. Two Americans also attended the show. Most of the audiences were students from New Mexico State University, Las Cruces and University of Texas, Elpaso. As this was a student's show it was like what it had to be, full of dances, whistles fun enjoyment and much more. We thought of starting the movie at 5:30 in the evening but it started at 6:00 as students from Elpaso had to drive to the movie after coming from school. Everyone enjoyed the movie to the core and felt their ticket worth for the entertainment this movie provided.

Movie Review:

Coming to the movie the movie has all the ingredients required for it to become a commercial blockbuster to sweep away all the existing records. This was what we fans were expecting from him for a long time. Starting from CHIRU's introduction to the final titles each and every frame was well made. The theatre roared to the entrance of the LION of Tollywood. The initial dialogues about bribery only set the tempo of the movie, which continued until the end. CHIRU's performance is one of the best in recent times. His performance was terrific in a very controlled manner. This is CHIRU's best in recent times. His powerful dialogues, his emotions, his comedy, his action and diction to the very core speak volumes about his acting skills. To say in one word there is no TAGORE without CHIRU. Some of the highlights of the film are:

  • VV Vinayak's taking and direction
  • CHIRU giving the statistics of AP to shriya
  • The hospital episode
  • Pelli choopula scene
  • The graphics for the building collapse scene.
  • CHIRU's expressions when jyothika dies (I openly challenge any hero in Tollywood for this scene)
  • The fight in the Government office.
  • Lawrence's choreography.
  • Climax of the movie.

The dances in this film need a special mention. It was only CHIRU's dances that made these above average songs to great visuals on the screen. He is impeccable in his dances. Even at this age he is so energetic and so full of life. Everyone enjoyed his dances in the movie. Other language guys who came to the show for his dances were so joyful that even they also started dancing to the tunes. Overall CHIRU's performance was marvelous and VV Vinayak's taking was awesome. I bet that this movie is worth a watch for any one who likes to watch a sensible movie. 14 October 2003 will be a very memorable one for all of us over here. Kudos to Megastar.

Vijaya Kumar Vegi

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