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I am a big fan of Macho Megastar Chiranjeevi and I came to Mumbai in June 2003. During my stay at Mumbai, I haven't watched a single movie for 3 months. The exhibitor of the Tagore movie informed me that Tagore is going to be screened at Arora Theatre in Matunga (People used to call Matunga as mini South India) a suburb of Mumbai. I normally see all chiru's movies first day so when I came to Mumbai, I thought I miss that opportunity. By the time I started off from my hotel heavy rain was down pouring at Mumbai.

To my surprise, I have seen many big size wallpapers and banners around the Arora theatre in Mumbai too. I felt really proud by watching the cheerful Chiru fans and the way Chiru fans show their fanism, be it in Anakapalli or California or in Mumbai the spirit and enthu of Chiru fans never die. Illiterates, who do not know how to write their name in Telugu, wrote some of the funny banners.

I have surprised to see a banner and a wall poster at the theatre, which pay homage to the four deceased co fans at the stampede at Andhra. The Banner says like this

"Aadandi paAdandi, gola cheyyandi
PraAnam Meedaku techukomakandi

"Divangatha sodara abhimanulaku asrunayanalatho shraddanjali Ghatisthu - Mumbai Chiru Force"

I felt sad by looking at the poster and I appreciate the person who tied the banner.

The movie is supposed to start at 9PM, but due to delay in the 6PM show timing, theatre owner did not open the gates and thereby causing frustration among the junta. We are all in jolly mood, shouting, whistling and making lot of noise out side the theatre. Finally the movie started at 9.45PM. People started celebrating by throwing paper pieces and whistling. These are the scenes, which draw lot of claps from the audiences.

1. The hospital episode
2. Parents ask their kids being beaten up by police, not to reveal Tagore name.
3. The scene in which Punit Issar offers chair to Chiranjeevi.
4. The climax scene where Chiranjeevi is presented to court

Apart from the above scenes, 3 songs are huge hits among the masses.

I had gone to watch the movie again the next day 3PM show on the second day and the response from the crowd was the same and again watched the movie at 6Pm show. It was really a nice experience for me to watch Chiru movie at Mumbai three times in a succession (26th night second show, 27th Matinee and first show)


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