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Jeevi Tagore Review


Professor Tagore (Chiranjeevi) takes up the mission of eradicating corruption in unlawful society by unlawful means. He creates ACF (Anti Corruption Force) with a gang of his ex students. He selects 15 corrupt officers from each department and kills the most corrupted one so that others would fear the death and do their job with honesty. Likewise he kidnaps MROs (mandal Revenue Officers), SPs (superintendents of police) etc and kills the top corrupted ones. The police is on the prowl to identify the mysterious killer. In the meantime, he exposes the hospital authorities greediness by taking a corpse there. He makes those greedy corrupt doctors (who pretend that the patient is alive) operate the corpse. He there by exposes the system. A police driver Suryam (Prakash Raj) makes an independent enquiry and gets all the clues that lead to the killer under cover, Tagore that is. The film is all about how Tagore created awareness among the public about corruption and how he became the most adulated demigod in the state with his noble mission.

Artists Performance

Chiranjeevi: Chiranjeevi is at his best, be it in histrionics or looks. The performance of Chiru in emotional scenes (when his wife dies and when his ACF members die) is awesome. He is looking very glamorous in this film and last time when we saw Chiranjeevi so glamorous was in the film 'Master'. His dialogue delivery in this film is very controlled one, yet very effective. The comedy mannerism in the flashback is also interesting. It goes without saying that he is best, as always, in dances and fights.

Heroines: Shriya played an unimportant role in the film as a girl who falls for hero. Jyotika is pretty good in her short role of hero's wife in the flashback.

Others: Sunil played the role of a cook in hero's house who feels that heroine is in love with him. His comedy is OK. But his 'Veena Step' really created laugh riot in the theater. Prakash Raj played the role of a cop who is on prowl to uncover the killer. He is apt for the role. Sayaji Shinde made his debut in Telugu with this film. He is effective. He dubbed his own voice in Telugu. Punit Issar played an impressive role in this film like he did for Indra. K Viswanath did the guest role of chief minister. VV Vinayak gave a special appearance as one of the ex students of the hero. The scene involving him has emotional touch with lots of sentiment attached to it and he performed it very naturally. He should consider acting on a big scale in the future. Kota Srinivasa Rao acted as a top police officer who is pretty lazy. Actor Jeeva is reduced to set property. The comedy generated through Narsing Yadav through a couple of fights is good.

Technical Departments:

Story: The basic storyline of the film has striking similarities to Shankar's Genre of social films. There is one small drawback in the film. The police seems to be giving protection to the bribe-takers from ACF instead of sacking tainted officials. That's too when these officials admit that they took high amount of money as kickbacks.

Screenplay - direction: VV Vinayak proved his mettle in directing big stars with this film. His taking is very stylish and rich. Though he maintained very high standards in taking, he made sure that the screenplay is gripping enough to tell a simple story in a powerful way. Vinayak seems to have mastered the art of narrating climax in an interesting style with a logical conclusion. He did perfect characterization to the hero role. He elevated the hero's greatness through the words uttered by the people around him. Its definitely the best work till date by VV Vinayak.

Music: Music by Mani Sharma is good. The background music is excellent. But it dominated some crucial dialogues in the film.

Songs: Here is the sequence and description of 6 songs in this film

1. Kodithe Kottalira: It's a fast paced set solo song. The steps performed by Chiranjeevi are slow yet stylish and graceful. Some of the steps by Chiru were performed in such a way that one would start wondering if computer graphics were used.

2. Chinnaga Chinnaga: This song is a melody canned in Polacchi on Chiru and Shriya. Chiru performed slow steps. This song is good

3. Vanochenante: This is a set song on Chiranjeevi and Shirya with fast steps.

4. Gappu Chuppu: This song is another melody pictured on Jyothika and Chiranjeevi in Ooty.

5. Manmadha Manmadha: This is the highlight song of the film. Chiranjeevi modified Veena step and performed it in a variety style.

6. Nenu Saitham: This is an emotional montage song that helped the narration of the lead towards climax.

Dialogues: Paruchuri brothers have done superb job in dialogues department, if you omit the dialogues written for heroines and Sunil. The dialogues written for Chiranjeevi and the police officers are very apt. The film starts with a dialogue - prabhutvam tho pani cheyinchukune mee hakkuni lancham dwara konukkokandi. Paruchuri brothers have given terrific statistics about the current affairs in Andhra Pradesh. And this film ends with the same dialogue. There are quite a few good dialogues like

- Nayakulandaru Parties lo pudataaru. Itanokkade prajallo puttaadu.

- Fans naaku praanam. Vaaru vaste kalavali. Avoid cheyyakoodadu

- Samanyudi aavesam kanna, Vedanti mounam chala pramadakaramainadi

- Telugu prajalu abhimanam evaru marchaleru

Cinematography: Cinematography by Chota K Naidu is first rate. His camera angles, lighting schemes and blur effects are very innovative. The credit of showing Chiranjeevi so handsome should go to Chota K Naidu.

Thrills: Master Vijayan composed fights that would strike a balance between classes and masses. The fights would appeal to audiences of all strata.

Other departments: Editing by Gowtam Raju is fine. Set work by Anand Sai is appropriate. The production standards are great.

Few of the scenes that received claps:

1. Scene in which Chiranjeevi says the stats of AP to Shriya.
2. Comedy by Narsing in first 2 fights
3. The hospital scene (the main highlight)
4. The scene in which hero kidnaps villain. The dialogues uttered by the hero to villain in that episode are good. Actually, this episode has given some relief to the mass dialogue loving crowds to listen to Chiranjeevi's ferocious dialogues.
5. The scene in which parents ask their kids being beaten up by police, not to reveal Tagore name.
6. The scene in which Punit Issar offers chair to Chiranjeevi and asks for the autograph.
7. The climax scene where Chiranjeevi is presented to court.

Analysis: The first 15 minutes of the film is simply superlative in the scenes where titles role as the hero kidnaps the MROs. This introduction sets the right mood for the rest of the film to follow. The first half of the film is OK. The second half is good with interesting episodes. This film has some political dialogues that were nicely injected into the film without disturbing the flow. Chiranjeevi should be commended for choosing film that provides a social message. Over all this film is a must watch for everybody. But it's a serious film that has some heavy stuff in the second half. Don't expect entertainment in terms of comedy. Due to this fact, the repeat value of the film might be ruled out for a common moviegoer

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