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3rd November 2003


After entertaining Telugu people located at various places in U.S and rest of world finally the Tagore Wave reached Denver on the way to its destiny.

Every one of Chiru Fans waited for this wonderful day to come and time is also very jealous of fans and it took more than a month (Sep 24th - Nov 1st) to visit Denver. You can imagine how hard for die-hard Chiru Fans to wait for more than a month. Once we planned to drove to Kansas city to watch TAGORE, But after sensible thinking we decided to enjoy Tagore in our own place. Meanwhile we enjoyed Tagore success all over world by reading reviews. It's my humble request to all Chiru Fans to drive safely whoever has plans to watch Tagore at some distant place.

On Nov 1st, Finally Tagore unveiled at Denver and every one of us is in pink spirits. Even though Denver temperature dropped below the freezing level (27F) but volcano erupted out of every Chiru Fans to strike the theatre. None of the Chiru fans slept properly before night and dreamt about electrifying, scintillating and sizzling Megastar performance. All of our Chiru Fans bought advanced tickets and we helped some family people in getting tickets. Inspite of cool climate Theatre filled up in a moment with youngsters, elder people and kids.

As soon as Megastar Chiru appeared on the screen it almost like Diwali Celebration in the theatre with full of Balloons, papers, Dances, Whistling e.t.c. This is the first time in Denver History that any Indian Cinema would have got this kind of sparkling response from the audience. As the movie started every one in the theatre stuck to their seats and enjoyed Chiru's magic till the end of movie. It definitely an one man's show. That is one and only Chiru who can mesmerize audience with his Sparkling Dancing , Mind boggling fights , Perfect dialogues and Soul touching action . Especially the hospital scene is perfectly picturised and it is one of highlights of movie. Choreography for songs is very good and with Chiru's Dance all songs are nice to watch. Every one enjoyed Sunil's imitating Veena step and his comedy. Chiru's comedy at pelli choopulu scene is natural. Last but not the least climax is terrifying and perfect.

We would to thank Megastar Chiru and V.V.Vinayak for making this master piece.

Also we would like to thank all the Denver audience especially TCS,Denver people and distributor Ravi for making Tagore Celebrations a great success.

Krishna Mohan Kanda Reddy (
Srinivas Sirumalla (

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