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9th November 2003


Hello all the movie freaks out there!!

This is Raghu, a graduate student at Indiana State University, USA. I would like to express my fun-a-ton experience on watching Chiru's latest flick, "Tagore".

November 1, 2003 is an unforgettable day in my life!! It is not that I have achieved something really great for which I have been longing for many years nor did I invent something on that day but being a hardcore fan of Chiru, watching his latest blockbuster, Tagore on that day makes it so special for me. It's just me!! Actually, I come from Indiana but I happened to see the movie at Aurora, Colorado as I'm here for a couple of months. So, I got a chance to watch the movie here at Buckingham Mall Theatre.

I have been longing to see the movie ever since its release. In fact, my friend and I even thought of going to Dallas and Kansas city which are about 15 and 12 hrs drive respectively from my place but as we couldn't happen to get the tickets in both the places, I had to wait till my turn came to watch it here. Ever since the movie is released, I stayed tuned to keeping myself updated with the news of Tagore. My relatives and friends back home even informed me a lot about the sensation and hullabaloo created by the movie all over AP. Idlebrain news and the feedback of my relatives and friends enhanced my passion for the movie day by day.

Finally, the big day arrived for me to watch the much-awaited movie. There were no bounds to my happiness. I was agog and head-over-heels to watch it. It was the day to put all my movie-plans into action. I was accompanied with three of my friends. We took whistles and spraying foam along with us. I was all excited as I reached the theatre. There was a huge crowd and it was very nice to see all of them. All of us at one place, for one good reason, "Tagore".

We grabbed one of the very front rows and were all set for tons of fun and sheer excitement. Gradually, most of the theatre was occupied and it was time for the show. No sooner had the movie started than we started whistling and screaming. A few bunch of folks started too. I was barely sitting properly in my seat through out the movie and I was almost always at the edge of my seat shouting some slogans and doing such crazy stuff. My friend, Anil sprayed foam during the songs. Chiru's power-packed performance, his awesome dances, great music and excellent screenplay thrilled and excited me a lot. I went gaga over Chiru's dance and literally, I danced for some of the songs too for a little while which sounds weird and incredible for me now!! I am like, " Did I do that? I can't believe it!! " Some kids were dancing, some folks were flying rockets, some of 'em were blasting balloons n what not? You name it, we had it. I had never had such tons of fun for any other movie so far. It was as if I were watching the movie in Hyderabad. I really had much more fun than what I expected. My long wait to see it was worth it. Kudos to our Megastar for giving us such a good movie. When I recall those moments of fun, I get excited a lot and charged up again. I was on cloud nine and it's really a wonderful experience in my life.

Raghu Chikarambotla

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