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11th November 2003
Santa Clara


Hi all,
Greetings to u all. Well, Although I'm a bit late in watching the movie, I would like to share some of my internal feelings about the recent out and out Blockbuster TAGORE after having watched it at IMC6, Sanjose. After Aaradhana, Aapadbandhavudu and Snehamkosam, TAGORE is the only movie which indeed had given him the scope for very high quality performance with just looks, histrionics and body language!

This is and out and out Class-Mass entertainer which had everything Tight screenplay, controlled performance of Chiru, excellent choreography, mind-boggling camera angles, artistic graphic work, heart-touching sentimental scenes, astounding stunts, decent dialogues with a political flavor! This is just the right movie that fans are expecting to see their MEGASTAR as.

Of course if you guys are looking for some exposing from the heroines which some of the heroes use in attracting the audience, then definitely this movie is not for you. This is a thorough family entertainer with a message that's wonderfully presented in a commercial way pleasing all sects of audience ranging from Class to Mass.

In a way it's an ambrosia for the fans and an eye-opener for the critics . A lay man who goes to this movie will understand why Chiru is considered the Top of the Tops . In every frame you could feel the punch of Chiru's acting skills and the flavor of VVV's directorial skill. I was wondering, if TAGORE got a huge response in a foreign country like US, how fortunate are the people of Andhra to have such a great Mighty personality right among them! One could see the color paper pieces floating in air, radium bands, paper rockets, sounds of the whistles, during the screening of the movie. Itz just like a festive occasion. Busy life is not preventing from watching TAGORE in USA . This is the true Dussehra gift to the people of Andhra.

The real feel cannot be obtained by watching in the DVD. I'ld suggest the people who are waiting for DVD to immediately go and watch right away in the nearest theater. Every scene starting from the beginning to the end is a jewel. TAGORE is not worth missing. To quote a few scenes:

The scene in which the mother of one of the ACF members gets caught is really heart touching one. The dialogues go like this:

Mother to her kid:
Enta badhanina bharinchukani ayana peruni matram cheppaku .. ee policulu kottina debbalu konnallaki maasi potay .. ayannai pattiste aa paapam chache daaka ventadutundi

Prakashraj to Puneet eessar:
Maa telugu prajalu evari meeda anta twaraga abhimanam penchukoru .. kaani okka saari penchukunte .. chediripoye varaku varaku vodili pettaru.. maa rashtramlo prajalni mosam chesina naayakulunnaru tappa .. nayakulni mosam chesina prajalu leru sir .. manam veella vontlo nunchi enta raktam teeyyochu kaani.. veella gontulo nunchi valla naayakuni peru matram bitaki teeyyalem sir ..

Even the stone-hearted people will get their heart touched with this conversation in the Police station. Chiru was elevated to such a great height only next to God!

Another worth mentioning sentimental scene is in which VVV is ready to sacrifice his corrupt father for the sake of his Master.
Andariki vesina sikshe itaniki veyyandi sir .. chapesina kuda ..
Nenu champedi naa tandrini kaadu sir .. janalni lanchalato peedinchukutine oka lanchagundini .. mee character naaku telusu sir .. aa sthanamlo mee nanna unna meeru kshamincharu ..

With his performance VV proved that he is not only an Ace director but also a very good actor.

The comedy that Chiru has done during the PELLI CHOOPULU is really an eye-treat! It makes us remember The Chiru of Chantabbay and Annayya. The way he says to Jyotika during that time is worth rather than me sharing here ..
Andaru antunaru silver Jubilee cinema roi ani ..
Konchem navva va ..


While Chiru gives a warning to the villain, the way he says:
Tongue teguddi ..
Malli arichavo nee kanthamlo naraalu thempi naa bootlaki lesuga kattukunta


His dialogue timing and face expressions are simply superb! Nobody else can make justice to that role. The sentimental scene at which Chiru shows the facial expressions and acting skills make us remember Aapadbandhavu movie, where Chiru won a Nandi for one of the sentimental scenes in that movie. Chiru carried TAGORE totally on his shoulders and he indeed came out victorious. The proof lies in the Pudding!

In a one-liner I'ld say, this movie is all about real life Chiru on the reel. This is a warning and eye opener to all those who are daring to reach him. Chiru started his career a fresh after his silver jubilee entry into film industry. TAGORE is the kind of movie, which every hero aspires to do, but only one can do justice to it, which is non other than MIGHTY MEGASTAR CHIRANJEEVI. I'm not sure if Chiru really is willing to enter Politics, but truly this movie appears to be a base work for his stylish entry to enter into politics. If at all he enters, my sincere and Best wishes to him in what ever aspect he takes over!

Last but not the least, I thank Jeevi, for giving me an opportunity to share my views with you all.



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