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26th September 2003
Santa Clara


This is my experience @imc6, California on the third day, Friday

We all friends watched the movie in the same theatre on the first day for 8.0 PM show, and decided to see the movie back on Friday at the same time.

So, we took it easy, and we didnt brought the tickets in advance for the show, neither from the theatre nor from the online booking centers.

As usual, by leaving all our Friday activity, we went to the theatre at 7.00 PM itself, and to a surprise, lot of people are already there in the queue. And all parking lots are full with lots of Indians at that center crossing the roads and taking themselves in groups.

I thought they are all for the tickets, but its not. Most of them already brought the tickets and standing in the queue hour before the show itself, to get comfortable seats.

And theatre management said that tickets are all sold for 8PM as well as for 11 PM shows too. And lots, and lots of people are already leaving the theatre as they didn't had a chance to see the movie on the same day with so much of crowd. and lots of people are still waiting for the chance. and looks like 5PM show is also full which was currently screening in the theatre.

We waited there for 20 mts, in case the management can allow us to view the movie by standing in the hall, but they said they will not, as it caused problems for them already in the first day by doing so from the local police.

So, after all we missed the movie to see in a such a fabulous crowd, but we came back to home and reserved the tickets for Saturday from, so that we don't miss the movie back on Saturday.

Its not the case just from imc6, looks like it is also the similar case from NJ and also from Chicago as per the response from my close friends out there.

We just wanted to share this with all the Telugu lovers out there, so that they will also know how much a Mega movie is screening all over the world.

Hopefully from next time onwards, the distributors will increase the overseas prints, and number of shows, so that they can get maximum profits from the initial days of the movie itself. This is really might be a all time record of any south Indian movie by screening all shows full, that too tickets are sold in advance all over the US(4 centers). And good for Tollywood, and special congratulations to our Megastar in making this happen.

In a side note, we really had a wonderful time on the first at the same theatre, and stay tuned for the fourth day experience with stills (yes, am going this time with my digi camera to capture all the crowd activity, and will send it to idlebrain).


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