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Audio Review

With a huge success behind him in the form of Indra, Chiranjeevi is now all set to storm the theaters near you as Tagore, which is an adaptation of a Tamil film Ramana  [Vijayakanth, Simran, Ashima]. While Chiru enacts the role of a tough professor who believes in Gandhian principles and values.

The last time Chiranjeevi entertained us as Indra, it rained cash and dough at the box-office. Mani Sharma's music had a big share in the success of Indra which made the audience sing and swoon to his tunes. Naturally, Mani Sharma was roped in as the music director for Tagore too. But all natural things don't have a nourishing effect on us just like the music of Tagore.

1. Kodithe Kottali
A typical hero introduction/solo song with a lot of food for thought written by Chandrabose and sung by Shankar Mahadevan. There's absolutely nothing new in terms of music or singing in this song. Chandrabose's words are penned to send across many messages to Chiru's fans (listen to the second stanza in particular).

2. Nenu Saitham
Borrowing heavily from Mahakavi Srisri's phenomenal poem 'Nenu Saitham' , Suddala Ashok Teja pens additional lyrics, that blend well into Srisri's fire-spewing words, for this song. This is a thematic song that might have a good effect on screen than off screen. The ever dependable SPB sings this one with gusto.

3. Manmadha Manmadha
Though the base beat, that runs throughout the song, is foot-tapping, this number has nothing to rave about. On repeated hearing you might get hooked on to this one but that wouldn't last long. Neither Veturi's lyrics nor singers Mahalaxmi Iyer and Mallikharjun elevate this to enthralling heights.

4. Vaanochhenante
Shreya Ghoshal and Mani Sharma's indispensable singer Udit Narayan sing this rain song which is worded by Bhuvana Chandra. The orchestration in this song is so typical of Mani Sharma that even before you know who the music director is, you would almost blurt out Mani Sharma's name without even having to strain your gray matter. Listen to it yourself to know what I am talking about.

5. Chinnaga Chinnaga
You have to listen to this song to actually believe that Mani Sharma can also go wrong with slow melodious numbers, which are almost his forte, atleast in most of his albums for Chiru's movies. Remember those hummable Himaseemallo [Annayya], Abbabba Iddo [Choodalani Vundi], Bangaaram Tecchi [Iddaru Mitrulu], Sathamaanamannadi [Mrigaraju] Well my 'vote' goes to them than to this song, which has beats that remind you of the beats in Cheppave Chirugaali [Okkadu]. Chandrabose makes use of political paraphernalia to pen lyrics for this love duet sung by Hariharan and Chitra.

6. Gappuchippu Gappuchippu
This racy number has Jyothika matching steps with Chiranjeevi. Lyrics are by Suddala Ashok Teja and Mano and Chitra sing this one. Though the orchestration in this song too reminds you of Mani Sharma's earlier songs, you end up humming this one as it, sort of, affects you in the first hearing itself.

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