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Indra Story

The film starts with events happening between two bloodshed families in Seema. As one of family is trying for peace making the other is trying to make that unsuccessful. Indrasena Reddy is introduced as a 8 year old who tries to promise to keep peace for the love of his people.

The next scene shown is the holy city Varnasi where newly appointed UP governor Chenna Kesava Reddy (Prakash Raj) comes to visit Varanasi along with his family. Pallavi (Sonali Bendre) who is the governor's daughter is asked to take a holy dip in the river as to get peace. When she does so her pearl chain floats off and reaches a guy who is also performing his prayers. Pallavi is told that when a person leaves that is dear to Ganga their wishes would be fulfilled. Pallavi does not know that the chain is with Shankar Narayan.

Shankar Narayan (Chiranjeevi) makes a living by driving a taxi. His trusted friend Valmiki (Tanikella Bharani) and a loyal assistant Giri (Sivaji) also supports him in his work. Shankar Narayan has a nephew and niece Nandini who he loves them more than himself.

Nandini is shown participating in a singing competition at BHU (Banaras Hindu University) where her uncle helps her. Pallavi notices her chain is on Shankar Narayan's neck. Nandini and Pallavi are friends.

Pallavi challenges that she will make Shankar Narayan fall in love with her. She comes in disguise and manages to reach Shankar Narayan's house as guest. She stays there as an orphan.

Shankar Narayan's nephew falls in love with a Muslim girl who is a daughter of Khan who happens to be big shot. Knowing the love between the young ones they decide to get them married. With the union of these two Shankar Narayan and Khan have become good friends who respect each other. Governor learns that his daughter is missing from University and she is staying in the house of a taxi driver named Shankar Narayan and she is in love with him. With help of local mafia he reaches the family of Shankar Narayan and kidnaps and sends them in a train. Shankar Narayan chases the bad guys in a helicopter to get his family back.

Governor reaches at the house of Shankar Narayan with armed men. When he reaches there is surprised to see Shankar Narayan. He salutes Shankar Narayan and asks him about how and why is he in Varanasi. When Pallavi says that she is in love with Shankar Narayan, the Governor requests Shankar to marry Pallavi. Shankar Narayan responds saying that he will not until his niece Nandini is married. While these discussions are going on Giri his loyal assistant confess his love for Nandini as Shankar Narayan learns that Nandini is also in love with Giri decides to bind them in wedlock.

While marriage ritual is happening a fleet of cars enters. A girl gets down from one the cars and asks Giri alias Veera Reddy to come along with her and takes the groom away, The Girl is none other than Snehalatha Reddy 's (Arti Agarwal) nephew. She challenges Indrasena Reddy to come back to Rayala Seema.

The second half starts with flashback showing Indra doing a yagnum for rainfall on his motherland. The release of Veera Kesava Reddy is shown who enters seema to kill Indra. As the rituals goes on the fight between these two takes place. Veera Kesava Reddy is dead. As the rain hits the Seema everybody is shown happy and merrily singing.

Veera Kesava Reddy has five sons and a daughter who is pursuing her education in the states. When Indrasena Reddy rescues Veera Shankar Reddy's son from an accident - Veera Shankar Reddy sees this as a humiliation and kills his 6-year-old son. The sister Snehalatha Reddy is attracted to Indra for his goodhearted deeds and challenges hams that she would marry him.

With Seema waters being dried up Indrasena Reddy decides that he wants to build a reservoir and meets the collector and learns that Veera Shankar Reddy owns the place sanctioned for this. Invites them to come to a settlement for the people of seema. The brothers ask for his money and assets for exchange as all 6 of them owns the land while Snehalatha Reddy asks for Indrasena Reddy to marry her. As Indra is a man of words accepts all the challenges and says he will fulfill them the day the reservoir is inaugurated.

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