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Tit Bits

  • "I am sandwiched between two sisters and being the guy I was less pampered. Susmitha and I were like a cat and a mouse and cursed each other for three years but now she is my best companion"

  • "During my childhood, my dad was in his early stages of acting and truthfully, I did not spend much time with him. But whenever dad came home, it was the best time of the day. He used to pamper us a lot and only good things happened when he came back home"

  • " I had a very hotchpotch childhood. I was born in Madras and did my initial schooling there. At that time the entire telugu industry living in madras was planning to relocate to Hyderabad and my dad, who was in dilemma about where he belonged - Hyderabad or madras, put me in a boarding school in Ooty. I was not doing well there and once he decided to move, he brought me here."

  • "I wants to be versatile. It is not going to be easy. people stick to their image and their next flick is based on the image they create in previous film. They are not experimenting like actors did previously which is something I would like to start off with"

  • "I want to be able to satisfy the director. The competition is tense and everyone is at his best these days. One can dance well, fight well and even act well hence every aspect of the presentation matters." 

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