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Chiranjeevi on his lad

Did you always know your son would finally end up in an acting career?
Was it an obvious decision? Acting was never thrust upon Charan, but when we identified early signs of interest in this field, it set us thinking. It was just like when Kalyan started showing interest and went on to bloom in this profession. In recent times, Allu Arjun emerged a hero in this generation and this also could have added to Charan's impetus to emerge as a star.

What kind of an upbringing did you give Charan? Were you a strict father? Do you have any special memories from his childhood?
I was not a strict father but I insisted on inculcating principles. My own experiences with my father were mentally and physically harsh at times and I didn't want the same for my kids. I am like a friend with them but when required I am also strict, precise and to the point. For instance I never restricted my children from spending but was particular that they understand the value of money. When Charan was 14-15 years old, I had noticed that he enjoyed going to the bowling alley. Each visit was Rs 500 - 600 but he seemed to enjoy it immensely. I did not want to spoil his fun and when he was in a good mood on a drive I showed him a stone-crusher who earned Rs 80-100 a day. I explained that the money he was spending was equivalent to five days of hard work put in by the crusher. This was probably one of his first lessons in life ... never to be reckless while spending yet not hesitate to spend, when required.

Recently when we were traveling from Liverpool to London, the cab owners were asking for a steep fare. I would have relented, but Charan insisted on checking with other companies and ensured we traveled for almost half the price. That day, I felt I was seeing the result of a few simple principles I imbibed in him.

How difficult or easy do you think his career in the industry will be?
It is not a cakewalk for everybody to live up to audience expectations. From the very first day, Charan may have to face the difficulties that I faced after my 100th fi lm. However, I saw him perform during my daughter's wedding and could instantly see that he had a style of his own - distinct grace and confidence. But the bottom line is - whatever be the background, he will have to fight the battle on his own like any other soldier.

To what extent are you involved in his career?
I will be involved only to a certain extent and even this only in his initial projects. But in the long run he will need to shape his own career and destiny. Even failures will only add to his strength. I seek to have a relationship where he will have his space and reach out to me only when required.

Is there any particular image you want Charan to portray?
Initially I want him to portray youth oriented roles that would appeal to the modern audience. In the later films he should be able to gain an image that suits him. More importantly, I want him to become an actor who will be embraced by all classes of audience and be accepted as a member of their family.

One trait you like the most about Charan?
He is sensitive towards others. He has never been full of himself and his comforts and such an attitude will be helpful when he becomes a part of a team. He is down to earth and his presence of mind is most appreciable.

One trait you would like to re-work on?
It would be sensitivity again. He should know where to draw the line and not extend it till the point of botheration. Over stretching this quality and always wanting everyone around him to be comfortable should not become a burden to his own mind. I am sure as he grows he will temper these basic qualities and balance them to the right measure.

Any plans of acting together?
Definitely, I would love to work with him. This will happen when the time is appropriate.

Taking on his family's footsteps, Charan wants to be versatile. This is not going to be easy. People stick to their image and their next flick is based on the image they create in their previous film. They are not experimenting like actors did previously which is something I would like to start off with. He keeps his strategy simple. I want to be able to satisfy the director. The competition is tense and everyone is at his best these days. One can dance well, fight well and even act well hence every aspect of the presentation matters.

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