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Cherry's Arangretam

Chiranjeevi handed over his son Charan's reins to his friends and Charan's first film is being produced by Ashwini Dutt and directed by renowned director Puri Jagannadh with films like Badri and Pokiri to his credit. Although the name and cast is yet to be finalized the film is a live-hearted lover boy script with some good action scenes. The film is set up in Bangkok and is different from the usual love stories, he explains. The second film is planned with Rajamouli and will be produced by Allu Aravind of Geetha Arts. Making a debut with big banners and best directors in the industry may seem like Charan is having it all served on a gold platter but on the other hand, Charan maintains a practical view. He may be confident but is definitely not over confident about his acceptance.

"The best example I have is Abhishek Bachchan. His dad is the megastar of India and he expected it to be a cakewalk. It took him so many years to realize it was not going to be easy. Learning from his experience I am keeping expectations low," he says. But yes, somewhere deep down he agrees that knowing his fathers fans will stick by him, gives him self assurance. It will help me in tough times as I will still have someone to show my movies to, he says with honesty. Always destined to be an actor, Charan explains he was not just an average but a very - very average student in school. Although I did not  grow much in height I was good in sports, he grins.


Even though his ambitions kept varying from wanting to be an industrialist to an entrepreneur as a child, he believes that acting was an influence that turned into a passion. "Once I turned 15, I started realizing how my career could shape up in this field and my decision was quite obvious to my family as well. Even in school I was inclined more towards sports and dance and my parents did not force me on my grades. If they ever wanted me to become a doctor, they would have probably been after me."

With no other back up plan or plan B to fall back to, "Do or die, this is my career,"  informs Charan, who is giving his best shot at grooming himself for his films. Apart from currently training for some action sequences in Thailand, he has done an acting course in Mumbai. But Charan insists that living with his father by itself has been like an acting school. My dad used to discuss a lot. I would sit down with him for story discussions and observe how the story and scenes develop in a script. My dad would practice every morning before his shoot and we would enact scenes with him as kids. I used to hang out a lot on the sets and the dance sequences were something I would never miss. That apart we used to have several discussions on cinema which has helped me a lot. Having said that I ask him if he can dance like his dad and he blushes as he exclaims, "Hmmm! I don't know. I did a course in street hip-hop and salsa in London but the first time I ever danced was for my sisters sangeet. It was also the first time my father saw me dance and people seemed quite happy with it."

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