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Chiranjeevi about Cherry            

Charan is raring to go. Yes, we both are ready to shoot for our respective films. He has worked hard. What can I tell him? He knows how much strain, the maximum a human body can take when it comes to working out. He has seen Bunny work on his physique and has observed a lot of things. He watches a lot of films, has a greater understanding of how things work, what people expect from each of us, etc.

              Charan is very sensitive, the other day I had been telling him that it would be nice if we choose a subject like Vijeta as a launch pad, he never said anything immediately but later on explained to me why it would not work and why the subject is not contemporary. He is very contemplative and introspective too. In fact when I was in quandary as to whom we should pick on as a director for Shankardada Zindabad, he surprised me with his inputs. He has a way of telling me which is very endearing. He said Prabhudeva would be the right man because of his trendy approach, his comic touch, his novelty in footwork and revealed many more aspects of the director which would suit the sequel perfectly. I really wondered as to why I did not strike me. I immediately called up the concerned person and asked if it was okay if we zero in on Prabhudeva.

              I am totally against publicity, hype for Charan. His work and the film should do the talking. I want to give him a lot of space, freedom to decide what is good and what is bad. None of us are going to give him unsolicited advise. Mistakes happen but that is how one learns. These days children are more exposed to many aspects of life and lifestyle and it is a welcome revelation. Charan is a reserved person, not as reserved as Kalyan but he definitely values his privacy and does not like to expose too much of himself to the public, be it in person or through media.

 After much deliberation he spoke to a magazine which belongs to his friend and was asked to give his picture. I selected one photograph which I thought was good and felt happy about my choice. It was only later did I realize that I should have given importance to his choice when he told me why he did not want that particular picture to be published, because it showed his brawn and he did not want exposure of any kind at this juncture of his career. He is a very independent boy. At get together we often joke that Bunny is aiming to be a mass hero and Charan is probably wanting to be a class hero like K Raghavendra Rao son.


                            Chiranjeevi says he has been hearing of Guru and wants to see it quite soon and asks how it is been doing at the box office. As of now, he says hes been working at losing weight too and the changes are visible. About the burgeoning war amongst fans he stresses that such things do not reach them, idhi ma varaku raavu, but if what I have heard is true than I can only say that it reflects on the persons background. I feel only uneducated people and those who lack a good upbringing resort to creating animosity by commenting on the stars. We are all one big family and all the heroes you see here .We all share so much camaraderie, I walk in to a colleague home if I feel like even without informing them. I talk to all the stars impromptu for a long time on the phone. At my daughter sangeet, you should have seen the atmosphere. All the rivalry is just created by people who have no understanding. I have made money, I spend on myself, my people and for the society. My heart and conscience is clean and I am not answerable to anyone. Hits and flops are part of the business and there is healthy competition between all of us and all of us are happy. Let us do some constructive work for the society and make our lives worthwhile.

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