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 Indra East Godavari 100 days shares - First batch only

  • We are presenting the Indra collected shares for the first 100 days of its screening at East Godavari District. Remember these shares gathered from the distributor and only for the first batch release theatres.

  • Shares from 9 release centres in East Godavari area are given below and Indra collected 1.54 crores by 100 days and overall it became the first movie to cross more than 2 crore share mark in East Godavari District.

S No Movie Name Share in Rupees for 100 days
1 Rajamundry 32,02,380
2 Kakinada 37,75,000
3 Amalapuram 17,45,000
4 Mandapeta 16,69,000
5 Pithapuram 12,34,000
6 Tatipaka 9,46,000
7 Kothapeta 7,29,000
8 Eleswaram 6,32,000
9 Tuni 14,86,500
  TOTAL 1,54,18,880







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