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Gudipudi Srihari Review

Stories on the Rayalaseema faction feuds are hot favorite with producers who are interested in making action films, as it combines family-oriented sentimental drama and romance, as most of the feuds are between members of a single family.

The hero returns to his native place after spending some time incognito, elsewhere. All most all the recent films are set in this mould. This way, Indra is no different.

But the difference lies in placing Chiranjeevi in situations that interest his fans, maintaining his basic image as both action and dance star.

Scriptwriter Chinni Krishna creates special situations for the megastar to entertain the audience. He is also shown as a leader with selfless service. Dialogue writers Paruchuri Bothers penned with an intention - just as they did to late NT Rama Rao, before and after he joined politics.

Dialogue is the strength of the film. And Chiranjeevi takes enough care to effectively render them.

Indra is a hero of charitable disposition. His rivals in the area exploit this trait in him to first grab all his property and then to send him away from the town.

The film opens with child Indrasena's family and rivalry that seeps through three generations. And the grown up Indrasena Reddy (Chiranjeevi) suddenly found on the banks of river Ganga in Kaasi.

With him, we find his trustworthy lieutenant (Tanikella Bharani), his niece Nandini and nephew. An orphaned young man, and a damsel in distress (played by Sonali bendre) also stay with him.

The screenplay accommodates the element of secularism, showing a Muslim leader as Indra's friend after a couple of tumultuous scenes regarding a love affair between Indra's nephew and Muslim chief's daughter, which ends up in their happy marriage.

Indra also gets his sister married to the orphan. Arrives Snehalatha (Aarti), sister of Indra's archrival Veerasimhareddy (Mukesh Rushi) to reveal that the boy who married his sister is her own family member and he did it to take revenge. She also says that Indrasena has not fulfilled the promise of marrying her.

Then follows the flashback. Veeraseimha Reddy and his four brothers are Indra's rivals. They want to kill Indra as he killed their father Siva Reddy in a duel. Indra seeks the collector Chennakesava Reddy's (Prakash Raj) help to solve water problem by building reservoir.

Veerasimha Reddy owns huge lands, where the reservoir has to come up .The brother finally sign the documents only after indrsena gives away his property and agrees to marry Snehalatha.Now,he has to fulfil the promise of marriage.

The narration takes a few more twists, after Indra gets back to his native town, before the desired climax - a war between the brothers and Indra - is set.

Brahmanandam, AVS and a couple of comedians entertain us in the Ganga Ghat scenes, in Benaras. The story has a surprise element in the role played by Sonali Bendre. For Chiranjeevi, this film is a sure comeback after some gap.

Aarti has a significant role as the girl who admires Indrasena at heart, but does not spare him on family issues. Sonali Bendre's role is reserved to a couple of dance duets.

The film is strong in its technical values and is also loaded with some impossibility, projecting the hero as all-powerful. Manisarma's music is soothing with traditional touch. VSR Swamy's photography is the highlight of the technical part of the film.

courtesy: The Hindu

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