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Indra 175 Days Function

The travelogue of Chiranjeevi from Hyderabad to Vijayawada
Dressed in white Kurtha and Paijama, Chiranjeevi made a pleasantly surprising appearance today at Raghavendra Rao K's office where four tourist A/C buses were kept to take the cast and crewmembers of Indra to the function venue of Vijayawada Wholesale Merchants Association Grounds at Gollapudi, Vijayawada where Indra's 175 days function is about to take off at 2:30pm. The buses started at 8 am and reached the lunch venue of Vuma Holiday Inn at Kanchikacharla at 2:30 pm. Uday Kiran also accompanied the Chiranjeevi in the tour. Meanwhile, Chiru changed his dress from white classical dress to dashing black dress. After taking lunch, the unit started from the holiday resort at 3:30 pm and reached the Grounds by 4 pm. Chandra Babu Naidu (Chief Minister of AP) and Venkaiah Naidu (president of BJP) were also present by the time Chiru reached the venue.

Srikanth Speech
There is one Chiranjeevi fan called Sreekanth Kumar who is extremely good at entertaining people with his narrations and observations on Chiranjeevi and Chiranjeevi's biography. He enthralled the crowds for 30 minutes.

Manisharma 10 show
Mani Sharma is beaming with joy today and had performed the following songs live in afternoon itself

1. Suklam Bharadharam Vishnu (devotional song) - Muralidhar
2. Sruthi Neevu Gathi Neevu (Swathi Kiranam) - Sunitha
3. Yamoho Nee Yamayama Andam (JVAS) - Sunitha, Ramu
4. Abba Nee Tiyyani Debba (JVAS) - Sunitha, Muralidhar
5. Bhambham Bole (Indra) - Murali Ramu
6. Priyathama (JVAS) - Prasanna, Muralidhar
7. Sayyare Sayya (Annayya) - Ramu, Muralidhar
8. Ramma Chilakamma (Choodalani Vundi) - Prasanna, Muralidhar
9. Ammadu Appachi (Indra) - Prasanna, Muralidhar
10. Radhe Govinda (Indra) - Muralidhar

Chiranjeevi is the 3rd eye of Telugu films - Venkaiah Naidu
Speaking on this occasion Venkaiah Naidu opined that ANR and NTR are the two eyes of Telugu film industry. And Chiranjeevi is the third eye (trinethram). He said that he has liked the dialogue -
"narukkuntoo pothe adavulundav
champukuntoopothe manushulu migalaru"
He felt that India is the best country when it comes to civilization and Telugu language is the best among the Indian languages (Desa Bhasalandu Telugu Lessa). He said that Indra is the best film he has seen.

Chandrababu Naidu falters
The hi-tech CM of Andhra Pradesh has had an unpleasant experience when he started giving the speech. Few guys from the VVIP gallery have raised a big banner which has 'CM Chiranjeevi' written on it. He addressed each and every guest to start with. But when he uttered the name of heroine as Arti Agarwal garu in his usual style, the crowds have cheered him. Then Chandra Babu told that he expected that kind of response for Arti. Addressing the crowds, he said that he is happy to see thousands of people gracing the occasion. His word 'thousands' has again met with negative response from the crowds as the capacity of the stadium itself is 5 lakhs and it was full. Chandra Babu said that he predicted the 175-day run when he saw the movie Indra. Then he made another blunder by reading out the centers number. He said that he is extremely happy to see Indra running for 100 days in 62 centers and 175 days in 18 centers. The agitation by fans has gone to peak and they started raising voice. Realizing his mistake, Chandra Babu Naidu tried to pacify fans by saying that Indra ran for 100 days in all the centers it is released. He said that Rayalaseema is facing water problem and Indra film tried showing the solution and it advised that the factionists should stop voilence. Meanwhile, Paruchuri has handed over the paper slip with correct centers of Indra 50, 100 and 175 days. Chandra Babu has read it out. He also said that Chiranjeevi is known for his hard work and self-confidence.

Aswini Dutt donates 10 lakhs to CM
The producer Aswini Dutt donated a check of Rs. 10 lakhs to Chandra Babu Naidu towards the Afternoon-meal program initiated by the government.

Chiru wants either Chandra Babu or Venkaiah to become PM of India
Chiranjeevi surprised the crowds by getting on to the mike so early. He said that he feels so nice to have such inseparable bond with the fans. He marveled at the power of silver screen using which he got such a fan following. He said that a small film in a projector is resulting as a big love in the hearts of fans. He wondered what he would have been if there were no camera, lights and sounds. He thanked the inventors of these devices.

Chiranjeevi said that NTR is the first politician whom he has met personally. Their interaction has led to an association with Chandra Babu Naidu. Chiranjeevi said that Chandra Babu is a family friend. He revealed that Chiranjeevi's wife and Chandra Babu's wife are good pals. He remembered that Chenna Reddy is the first CM to initiate the transfer of Film Industry from Madras to Hyderabad. He also mentioned that Chandra Babu has completed that transfer process.

Chiranjeevi has also spoke of his association with Venkaiah Naidu. Chiranjeevi said that most of the time he would be interacting with Venkaiah Naidu in airports. He said that Venkaiah is very fond of Telugu language. He met Venkaiah many times in Telugu related functions l8ike TANA and WTFC, which are organized by Telugu community in other countries.

[Later on, Chiru said that he had to start his speech early as Chandra Babu and Venkaih are expected to take off in their helicopters before dawn. Chiru said that he would address the gathering again]

Paruchuri prompts Arti Agarwal
Dressed in a sensuous style, Arti Agarwal turned out to be the cynosure of the function. With some prompting from Paruchuri Gopala Krishna, she spoke in Telugu. She referred to Chiranjeevi as Guru. She put a stop to her speech by saying 'Malli Kalustaanu'.

Srikanth opens up
Srikanth touched the feet of Chiranjeevi a couple of times to show his admiration. In the speech, Srikanth refered to Chiranjeevi as 'Naa Annayya'. He said that 'Pelli Sandadi' function was also organized in Vijayawada and during that function Chiranjeevi has blessed him. Srikanth said that Chiranjeevi's blessings have made him what he is today. He said he has been a fan of Chiranjeevi since childhood and his admiration towards Chiranjeevi and the glamour of film industry made him bunk his studies and join film institute in Madras.

He said that he has a fond memory of an incident as fan in Vijaywada. He was in Vijayawada when Chiranjeevi's 'Veta' was released. He stood in the queue for ticket at 2:30 am and was beaten up by the police in queue. Srikanth said that Chiranjeevi is the spine of film industry. To end his speech, Srikanth shouted megastar and the crowds responded by saying Zindabad.

Uday Kiran gets emotional
Uday Kiran was exhilarated to get an opportunity to speak on the dais where his matinee idol's movie function was happening. He refered to the crowds and sea of fans (Jana Samudram) and opined that he is one drop from that sea of fans. He referred to the stage as Indra Sabha.

He said that he wearing yellow shirt has a sentiment behind it. Chiranjeevi was present at a function to accept Nandi award when Uday Kiran was 8 years old. Uday Kiran, wearing a yellow shirt, went to that function along with his mom. Uday Kiran wanted to touch Chiranjeevi. After too much of efforts and luck, Uday Kiran got an opportunity to touch the hand of Chiranjeevi.

After becoming a hero, Uday Kiran was desperately waiting for an occasion to meet Chiranjeevi. Shootings of Uday Kiran's film and Chiranjeevi's film were happening in the same studio at different floors. At that time, Uday Kiran went to Chiranjeevi introduced himself. Chiranjeevi received him very well and spent 30 minutes. It was like a festival day for Uday Kiran. (at this point of time Paruchuri Gopala Krishna came and reminded Uday Kiran that time was running out)

Uday Kiran said that the best day for him is today as he spent the entire day with Chiranjeevi in the bus. Moved by this gesture, Chiranjeevi came to Uday Kiran and hugged him, which was greatly applauded by the crowds.

Uday Kiran became little poetic when he said that the stage backdrop is Ganga River and he is feeling like he was celebrating Pushkaraalu at Ganges in Kaasi. He finally said 'Koti Dandaalu' to Chiranjeevi and sat back in his seat.

Paruchuri gave a timely statement - Gonthu tadi aaripoyinappudu, gundellonchi maatalu vastai - after looking at the emotional display of Uday Kiran

Sunil's flashback
Not to be left behind, Sunil narrated his childhood as a fan of Chiranjeevi. He said that he used to watch Chiranjeevi films on a daily basis during the time of Nagu, Rustum, Donga, Adavi Donga, Vijetha etc. He said that he used to watch first half then go to home and help his mother in fetching water and then return to cinema hall to watch second half. He used to go home during the intermission to help his mother fetch water to give an impression that he is right there at home and not in a movie theater. He had to force his mother, an employee of the post office of Bhimavaram, to accompany to Vijaya Lakshmi theater to buy a ticket for him on the release day of JVAS as there was too much of crowds in the theater on the release day. He asked his mother's help, as it's very easy for ladies to procure tickets.

Chinni Krishna praises Chiranjeevi as 'Andhra Mother Teresa'
All eyes were set on Chinni Krishna when he started the speech as he went to a great extent while promising a silver jubilee film out of Indra in its audio function.

Speaking to the crowds, Chinni Krishna said that he is the biggest fan of Chiranjeevi and he watched Vyjayanthi-Chiru combinations JVAS and Choodalani Vundi more than 25 times. He said he was thrilled when Aswini Dutt called him and asked him to prepare a sky-level script for the 3rd combination film. Chinni Krishna stayed in Golkonda Hotel for few weeks. And he could not get any thought or inspiration to put his pen on the paper.

Once Chiranjeevi called him to his personal office. Usually you find either huge photographs or shields in the stars' offices, but Chiranjeevi's office sports none of these shields. There is a big-framed photograph of Mother Teresa (she has drops of tears in her eyes) in Chiranjeevi's room. That photograph acted as an inspiration for the humanitarian attitude of hero in Indra film. Chinni Krishna reiterated that Chiranjeevi has a kind heart, serving attitude and sacrificing mentality like Mother Teresa. He praised Chiranjeevi as 'Andhra Mother Teresa'.

Then he took Rayalaseema as the backdrop and identified water problem as the source of factions. Hence the hero performs Jala Yagnam to bring water to earth. In the process, he disowns everything he has. He declared proudly that he predicted 100 days run in 125 centers and 175 days run in 35 centers and his predictions came true.

Chinni Krishna earnestly requested to give him another chance as a script writer and he declared that he would cross the records of Indra with that film. He also said that it was B Gopal who introduced him to Telugu film industry with Narasimha Naidu. He said he would be indebted to B Gopal throughout his life. He also thanked Paruchuri Gopala Krishna for introducing him to Chiranjeevi. To end the speech, he bowed down and touched his head to the stage by saying that he is performing 'paadaabhivandanam' to all the audiences of AP for making this film an all time big hit.


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