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Favorite actor: Brad Pitt...Apart from his movies I like his style and his dressing sense.

Party Animal: I am not a party guy. I was as a child but it faded out all of a sudden. It is probably because of my career or the extensive traveling. I do go out occasionally but I enjoy watching a movie.

Cinema buff: Besides Telugu commercials I watch international film and art films. One of my personal favorite is Life is beautiful, which is a must watch. I love watching movies that trigger emotions.

Dad's film he would love to redo:  Khaidi and Abhilasha

Dad's film he dislikes: Big Boss

Enjoys doing the most:  Horse riding. I learnt how to ride a horse when I was studying in Ooty.

Fetish: Exotic animals but my mom never encouraged it. I had a chameleon, a fight master brought from Coimbature forest. My mother found it gross and got it out of the house.

Favorite hangout: Fusion 9

Favorite pastimes: I am a workout freak. I enjoy jogging and spend most of my day at the gym and with my pets.

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